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Universal bed rack base honest review

I purchased the universal bed rack base for my 2015 Tacoma. Amongst all the other bed rack options on the market the ability to use this rack and extended bases with a tonneau cover of my choosing and spend under $500 is ultimately why I decided to purchase this particular rack. Upon inspection of the final product I was mostly happy with the quality. I say mostly because upon inspection I found that where the upper crossmember supports had been welded, they were only welded on the outside face of the supports. The inside of the supports still show a non welded seam. Now whether dirtbound feels the joint is strong enough by only welding the outside of the joint seam, or there was a lack of quality control and my parts were not finished correctly is unknown to me. But as a mechanic by trade who has done a fair share of welding I would have personally welded both sides of a welded joint if they were both easily accessible, as these seams are. I will keep an eye on these areas for signs of cracking and weld myself if necessary. My only other gripe was that the carriage bolts that I received to use with the provided rail mounts were too short to properly mount the tonneau bases to, leaving me to have to go out mid project and purchase longer carriage bolts. All that being said I am happy with my bed rack, it suits my intended purposes well and I have subsequently placed an order for the dirbound Molle panels as these will tie the bed rack towers together nicely.

I got the tonneau cover bracket did not work like it said call them up to return them I have to pay for shipping + a 10% fee don't recommend them they don't care about you all they care about is money.

Came 4 months after ordering (4 weeks after their latest delivery timeline). It came with no installation instructions and no parts list. The bumper favors the passenger side by 1/4 inch, making the rear quarter panel armor impossible to install. Their recommendation was to drill into my rear quarter panel to see if the screws, using the thin sheet metal of my jeep, could pull the 3/16 inch steel down. There are still no instructions as of August 26, 2022.

Solidly built. Should work fine. I have not installed it yet. Issues: A hitch pin would not pass through either hole because the weld beads partly blocked the holes. I had to go buy a drill to fix it. Holes were not deburred. Customers should not have to fix those things.

Not what they used to be... 2 of the lugs where the wire was crimped had the wire exposed. Furthermore, the crimps aren’t copper they are tin. On top of that, the terminals weren’t the military grade ones pictured, they were cheaper ones. Again just not the quality pictures or what it used to be. Probably would’ve made my own knowing this and having waited 8 weeks for them to get here.

The holes lined up, but the bosses werent cut square and weren't welded on flat. Had to correct with a grinder.

Nice, but modified to make fit

I've been on the fence between buying and building my own sliders for my 2000 XJ, so I was quite happy to find a DIY kit from DirtBound. I got them on the Black Friday sale and the kit arrived in late January, so about the expected production & shipping time. The box arrived damaged but the contents were very well packaged with pallet wrap, and everything was fine.

I used my Titanium 125 flux-core welder from Harbor Freight and I'm far from a professional welder, so while the weld's aren't the prettiest I'm sure they'll hold just fine.

The kit did not include detailed instructions as the product listing claims, so I tacked everything together using the diagram in the listing. I then tried a test-fit, and found that there were 1/4 to 3/8in gaps between the pinch-welds and the brackets. In addition, the rear frame mounts seemed to be angled the wrong way, as if they were on the wrong side (I installed the part labeled 2551 on driver's side and 2552 on passenger as indicated on the diagram). The sliders also stuck out a bit more than I wanted since I'm running TJ wheels with stock backspacing. So out came the grinder to cut the tacks for the mounts, then I cut 1/2in off the slider end of each of the mounting arms (this required shorter mounting bolts for the pinch-seam, so I used some .75in long grade-8 bolts instead of the 1.25in bolts that were included with the kit).

This time, I assembled the mounts on the Jeep (including swapping the rear mounting arms to the opposite side), drilled all the holes, then started tacking everything together again. Once that was done I removed the sliders and finished welding everything up. There were some larger gaps to fill between the pinch seam mounts, but everything welded up fine.

I spent quite a bit of time with a grinder and bandfile sander to clean up my welds, then painted the sliders with some self-etching primer and several coats of spray-on tuck-bed liner, which is what I used on my front and rear bumpers. Once that dried I re-installed the sliders.

The bottom of the sliders hang down about 3/4in below the pinch seam, and while the Jeep looks a bit lower I didn't really lose any breakover clearance, since the transmission crossmember and unibody still hang down further. I really like how the step bars angle upwards. I would have preferred a better fit and instructions, but I was able to make it work. Overall I think they look great, they are very solid, and I'm sure they will provide some good protection while I'm out wheeling.

Took over 40 days to get the sliders. Way, way to long guys to deliver any product and your updates were non existent really need to do a better job on your customers service. Plus charging 25% for cancelation is ridiculous when it takes 2 months to get the product.

It won't form

I looked forward to this product and was super excited but when I got it it wouldn't let my gearbox tighten down all the way to sit flush on my frame.

Dirt bound did amazing. UPS split my package up and lost some of the mounting hardware. I called the company and they quickly sent me new hardware. They were extremely professional and quick in their responses. The sliders are made very well with very good and clean welds. I think they will hold up great. They were really easy to weld on (I have frame stiffeners) though I wish the website showed that they do not come with plates. I had them sitting waiting on plates for like a week when I had to call the company and they explained they don't come with them. So just something to keep in mind. Slimmer profile compared to some other sliders but I like that. Overall, great customer service and good quality sliders.

Great product. High quality cables. Labeled correct. Easy installation. Definitely worth the money and peace of mind.

For the price that i paid, i thought there would be a little more quality.

There is no finish on the product and it started to have oxydation spots almost right away. Also, the edges weren't beveled and sharp bits were sticking out.

I had to finish the product my self with a file and add some thick paint befor installation on the truck.

I think i paid too much for what i have and i am disapointed.

Lastly, i had to pay an extra 50$ of import charges. I order a lot online from the USA (I am Canadian) and I rarely have to pay extra charges, without being told in advance.

I would not buy again nor recommand this product to anyone.

Thank you.

After waiting for them to arrive (later than quoted) I was excited to get started on them. There was fitment issues from the beginning. The outer lip pieces weren't even close to fitting so I had to improvise and make them into flat flares. Then I got them raptor lined and ready to install and the passenger rear panel was way off. There's about a half inch gap behind the rear door and it stuck past the tail light about a half inch and the rear 3 holes were on the corner of the body at the tail light so I had to drill 3 more holes and cut the excess off and deal with the gap. After trying to contact dirtbound/max about these issues in different ways, it has been over a month and they have chose to ignore my messages. All things considered from the situation I cannot and will not recommend these. Their quality control and customer service is not great

Great product and is made with quality material well worth the wait!

Horrible product and worse customer service. Took almost three months of excuses about being too busy to get them to me, and then they fit like a 10 year old fabricated them. Emails to Max about the product fitment and quality go unreturned. I will have to modify both the vehicle and the sliders to get them to fit even halfway acceptably. Looking back now, even their own pics of the product on their website show that they do not fit well. Buyer beware!!

Been waiting months for parts to arrive. The parts that did arrive are built very well but disappointed in service

Fairly easy to install in my 1996 XJ, everything is labeled beautifully. Hit one little snag. The wire to the alternator doesn't fit in the plastic housing that it should. My solution was to simply snap off one of the lips of the housing and it worked just fine. You could use a needle file to shave out part of the brass connection instead. Make sure you clean up your connection areas during the install. Wires all have a little extra length to them which is nice. Very beefy. Did not come with terminals. I seriously recommend some military style terminals with an accessory post. Great product overall.

This kit is worth the wait, I have gone over just about every long arm kit on the market and for the money this kit cannot be beat. I would like to see some directions or recommendations with the kit to assist in the install and a sticker to throw on the back of my Jeep. I Cerakoted my kit for a custom finish and it’s sweet.

Was not to happy my kit did not come with fuses or plastic box for fuse to mount in I also emailed dirt bound and still no response on the matter

Everything fit great. I am happy with it. The battery clamps are great. Only negative was getting it shipped across the border. Took a long time to get.

Looks like they will do what I need them to do. I purchased these for my DIY bumper kits and have not put them together yet

Cherokee is already difficult enough to have sex in. Don't think those would help.

Had to modify a bit to fit Nissan Frontier but works good.


Good well.👍

Manta ray front bumper

Ill start with the good the bumper is very well made an looks great could not be happier with the end product. The down side I waited over 3 months ro receive it an I called a few times an always got a different answer an went past the 45 day lead time but eventually max did contact me an let me know when I could expect it overall pretty happy. Just expect to wait awhile to get what u ordered but it is worth the wait