U-Bolt Spring Plates with Bump Stop Mounts

U-Bolt Spring Plates / Bump Stop Mount - DirtBound Offroad
U-Bolt Spring Plates / Bump Stop Mount - DirtBound Offroad
U-Bolt Spring Plates / Bump Stop Mount - DirtBound Offroad
U-Bolt Spring Plates / Bump Stop Mount - DirtBound Offroad

U-Bolt Spring Plates with Bump Stop Mounts

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🌟 Upgrade Your Jeep Cherokee XJ with our U-Bolt Spring Plates for Ultimate Rear Support! 🌟

Looking to add rear bump stops to your Cherokee? Our U-Bolt Spring Plates with Bump Stop Mount is your go-to solution for a secure and robust installation.

Why You'll Love Our U-Bolt Spring Plates with Bump Stop Mount

🛠️ Heavy-Duty Construction:
Crafted from laser-cut 3/8" steel and formed for added strength, our U-bolt spring plates are designed to last.

🎯 Offset Design for Improved Clearance:
These plates are offset to provide better clearance with your shocks, eliminating any interference issues.

🚗 Universal Compatibility:
Our plates are compatible with most common Cherokee axles including D35, D44, C8.25, and Ford 8.8, making them a versatile choice for your vehicle.

🔩 Secure Mounting:
Designed for bump stops to mount directly to the plate rather than factory frame mounts, ensuring a secure and robust installation.

🎨 Ready for Customization:
Ships in bare steel, providing you the opportunity for a custom paint job to match your style.

Made in the USA:
Proudly manufactured in our Chisago City, MN facility, you're supporting American craftsmanship with your purchase.

🔒 What’s Included:

  • Pair of U-Bolt Spring Plates with Bump Stop Mount
  • Installation Guide


  • Rubber bump stops are sold separately.
  • Works with 9/16" to 5/8" U-bolts.

Elevate Your Jeep Cherokee XJ

Don’t compromise when it comes to the rear support and protection of your Jeep Cherokee XJ. Upgrade today with our U-Bolt Spring Plates and experience the enhanced security and durability your vehicle deserves!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Albert Jones

Very heavy duty, nice fit and finish, and worked great on my 95 xj with the 9 inch ford

John S
u-bolt spring plates

These things are beefy. Exactly what I wanted to be able to dial in my bump stops. No more feeling like my kidneys have been abused and blood in my urine 😂


Beefy. These bump plates are great.

Colin I
Good Buy

Worked great with my 8.25 and 4.5" lift. Use hockey pucks and 5/16" bolts for your bumper stops.

Mark M

Must upgrade for any lifted off-road vehicle. Great quality!

Will T

Great product! Easy to install! Makes adjusting bump stopping so much easier!

Rick M

Well made (in America) and a good value, like their other items.

Karina J

I haven't put them to the test yet, but these things look like they aren't going anywhere. They are thicker and sturdier than stock. Very well made. Exceptional quality. Quick shipping to Cali.

Yui H

Worth the money, could improve by painting or powder coating.

Joshua P

Wow! Super beefy! Much bigger than the old rusty bump stop plates I had. I gave up on tying to retain the stock bump stop mount holes and these are easier to dial in with hockey pucks. Might also be a good spot to mount diy limiting straps? I'm using them on a Chrysler 8.25 and these seem to have enough wiggle room for even bigger axle tubes if I ever upgrade in the future. Worthwhile investment, I thought about making my own, but these are much better. Saves fabrication time. Now I can finish welding my frame stiffeners and not need to drill holes for the bump stops, saves time. Will paint these with the same paint I'm using for axles - tractor enamel. POR 15 and Bed liner break down with UV. Stock plates look like they were originally painted with just a primer? Not sure. Even so, it would take a while to rust away. Thickest steel on my jeep besides maybe my engine block.