Rock Bruiser Rear Bumper | Cut-n-Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001)

Rock Bruiser Rear Bumper | Cut-n-Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad
Rock Bruiser Rear Bumper | Cut-n-Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad
Rock Bruiser Rear Bumper | Cut-n-Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad

Rock Bruiser Rear Bumper | Cut-n-Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001)

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Give your Jeep Cherokee the ultimate rear bumper upgrade with our modern design featuring Hi-Lift Lifting Points, flush mount LED pod cutouts, and Shackle Tabs for recovery. The included bolt-on lower quarter panel armor will make your Jeep stand out on the trail.

Our bumper is expertly crafted from 3/16" American steel and features CNC cutting and forming for the best fit and finish. It is hand built in the USA and thoroughly inspected for consistent quality, solid welds, and fine attention to detail.

Our team of professional fabricators use state-of-the-art welding and precision fabrication equipment to ensure the highest quality bumper. We are proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on this bumper.

This bumper ships bare steel, ready for your custom paint job. Upgrade your Jeep Cherokee with the ultimate rear bumper from DirtBound.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Came 4 months after ordering (4 weeks after their latest delivery timeline). It came with no installation instructions and no parts list. The bumper favors the passenger side by 1/4 inch, making the rear quarter panel armor impossible to install. Their recommendation was to drill into my rear quarter panel to see if the screws, using the thin sheet metal of my jeep, could pull the 3/16 inch steel down. There are still no instructions as of August 26, 2022.


The bumper is awesome and really helps stiffen the back of the XJ. The only complaint I have is that I didn't receive all the mounting hardware to put the body armor on. Gonna have to request some extra bolts n such

matt m

Overall I like the bumper, could stand to be a little wider, about a 1/4 inch would nice.

Gary D

Awesome bumper!

Roberto P

Now good 🥲

Jonny R

The bumper itself was constructed very well. The welds were high quality and assembled very well. As were the tie in brackets. 5 star product.I give 3 stars for the fit, the lack of any instructions or videos, and the incomplete hardware supplied. As for the fit, I was unable to use the quarter panel armor because one side was almost flush with the body and the other was over a 3/8 of an inch too short. I was unable to adjust the tie in brackets to get as close to center as possible but either way, the bumper would have been too narrow for the plates without heavy body modifications. On the topic of body modifications, there was no information stating that I would need to open up the holes in the back of the body to accommodate the brackets. I didn't mind opening up those holes, but it sure would have been nice to know I would need to do that. There was also no mention that I would need to reuse the original bumper bracket bolts for the install. I disassembled the factory bumper at home and took the DB bumper to a friend's place for installation assistance. Only to learn I needed to drive back home (30 minutes away each direction) to get the old bracket bolts. Also, the tie in brackets use 3 holes in the frame and one that is directly behind the bumper in the edge of the thin sheet metal. Those 2 outside holes would not line up without enlarging the hole in the sheet metal. Lastly, I had a receiver hitch on my Jeep. I don't have a clue if it was factory or not, but it used 4 holes in each side down the frame rails. The passenger side had a nut strip in it that supplied the nuts for the hitch and my tailpipe hanger. The hanger used the last 2 holes of the 4 (closet to the front of the Jeep) but the new tie in brackets only use 3 of the 4 holes in the frame so now my exhaust is mounted with one bolt instead of two. Over all, I'm happy with the bumper itself. The difference in reveal to the sides of the Jeep aren't a deal breaker for me but with the included armor, it becomes very obvious. I wish the armor was an add on so I could have returned it if I didn't like it.

Ben O

Fitment was off. Unibody frame horn brackets did not line up with any holes on my frame, all off by a 1/8th of a inch. Ended up drilling out unibody to make work. Frame Brackets even when loosely bolted in would not clear bumper brackets. Side quarter panels don’t fit very well. This is on a Jeep that hasn’t been in any accidents so everything should line up relatively nicely. I knew some tweaks would be needed but it does right doesn’t fit well. I called twice to Brian and left two voicemails as well as emailed twice requesting a call back. Going on days later with no return call to Atleast address the issues and questions I had. I would have gave it a 1 star but the bumper itself seems to be square and is rugged.

-Ben Offord

Mark S

A little cutting and modifing on the rear of the jeep. But it was easy. This was to slip the brackets into place so it would mount with 4 bolts on the rear and 4 bolts on the bottom of the frame to make it strong. Super great idea. Bumper looks great and fits well. Now just have to remove and get it powder coated and reinstalled. Thanks


The bumper is great. The finish is good. Overall width could be “3/8 inch wider to fit the body of the jeep. Going to need a spare tire Carrier soon for it.

Nick R

Fitment was good. Was thinking it should have been powder coated for the price