Founded in 2010 we got our start designing accessories for the Jeep Cherokee, by popular demand we manufactured steel roof ladders and other accessories such as the original Electric Fan Conversion.

After our popularity grew, we started offering Armor, Bumpers and other Jeep body parts. Currently, our focus is mainly Jeep Cherokee XJ and Comanche MJ. Shortly we will be releasing Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner parts and accessories. 

We are a small but growing shop located in Center City, MN. We currently occupy a 4,000 sqft facility with plenty of room to expand in the future.  Being a smaller shop we strive to build each product as fast as possible, but quality outranks speed in this process.

Proudly Made in the USA, we source our materials locally and take pride in keeping most processes in-house. 

Who We Are

The people behind the scenes building the products that we sell are Jeep enthusiast at heart, we like to go out wheeling on the weekend and use our Jeeps the way they should have rolled off the factory line. Taking our Jeeps on to the trails and smashing the armor into rocks to exploring remote hide always is what we enjoy most. But seeing our products in use by our customers is what we love! 

We have a passion for the sport and hope to continue providing off road products for you to enjoy.