Product Lead Times

At DirtBound, every product is crafted to order with unmatched care in our local workshop, not pulled from mass overseas shipments. This hands-on approach ensures superior quality and uniqueness but does require a bit more time. We believe the wait is well worth the personalized touch you'll receive. 
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Please note, items listed as "In-Stock" are not subject to our build-to-order lead times mentioned below. These products are ready to ship, ensuring your order ships quick. 
Average Lead Time

DIY | Non-Welded

Items like fender armor, DIY bumpers, fender flares, rock sliders, and other select accessories requiring no welding at our shop.
5 - 15 Working Days


Items like bumpers, fender flares, rock sliders, and other select accessories requiring welding welding at our shop for assembly.
10 - 45 Working Days


Take a peek into our world: a tight-knit team of five at the heart of our operations, where every piece is crafted with precision entirely in-house. From raw steel to your finished off-road gear, experience the dedication behind our 100% homegrown manufacturing process.

Step 1. Laser Cutting

Beginning with domestic steel, either in sheet or tube form, we utilize our advanced 6Kw 5x10' plate laser and a 3kW tube laser with an 8" capacity to accurately cut the components for your order.

Step 2. Press Forming

Our 6-axis CNC Amada press brake enables Jayme to precisely bend laser-cut components into the specific shapes required for your finished product. Once shaped, your item advances to the welding or assembly queue, poised for the next phase of its journey to completion.

Step 3. Welding

Our skilled fabricators weld laser-cut and formed parts using fixtures and tools, primarily through MIG Pulse and some TIG welding, supported by two human welders and a robotic cell. Post-welding, we smooth the welds and move the product to QC for inspection.

Step 4. Pack & Ship

Next, we prepare items for shipping. If an order awaits additional components, it's queued until completion. We then carefully box or wrap the order, shipping it via a range of carriers. Throughout this journey, the item passes through the hands of five different experts, evolving from a flat sheet of steel to a finished product, all crafted in-house.


Why The Wait?

Your support has been incredible, sparking a surge in orders! As a small, dedicated team of five, we're embracing high-tech tools and optimizing our workspace to enhance our capabilities. This upgrade allows us to reduce lead times while maintaining the quality you expect and deserve.

Got Questions?

If you have queries about lead times for new or existing orders, feel free to ask. We might not have updates if your order is within the estimated window, but we'll notify you of any changes. If the lead time has passed and you haven't heard from us, please get in touch.

Understanding Your Order

  • Cancellation Policy: There's a 10% fee for monetary refunds, but store credit is fee-free.
  • Acknowledgment: By ordering, you accept the estimated lead times, which are subject to variation due to unforeseen events or supply chain delays.

Why Lead Times Vary

Lead times are averages and depend on product complexity, material availability, and our operational efficiency. Unexpected issues like equipment malfunctions or supply shortages may extend these times. These are approximate times and may vary.