DIY Mojave Rear Bumper Cut and Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001)

DIY Mojave Rear Bumper Cut and Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Mojave Rear Bumper Cut and Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Mojave Rear Bumper Cut and Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Mojave Rear Bumper Cut and Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad

DIY Mojave Rear Bumper Cut and Fold | Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001)

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Escape any sticky situation with our DIY version of the classic Mojave Rear Cut and Fold Bumper. This bumper provides the highest departure angle and ground clearance, ensuring you can get out of even the toughest terrain.

Our bumper is CNC cut from 3/16" P&O steel and features bend lines that are slotted for easy fabrication. It also has 1/2" thick shackle tabs and comes with a hardware kit for installation. The high clearance cut and fold design and adjustable frame tie-in brackets allow for a custom fit on your vehicle.

Please note that this DIY kit requires welding and fabrication skills and that the receiver tube is sold separately. Upgrade your Jeep with this durable and functional bumper, perfect for off-road adventures.

Fabrication Difficulty:

Fabrication Time: 4-8 Hours



Lead Times: All DirtBound items, including Bumpers, Sliders, Welded Flares, and Skid Plates, are made in our Chisago City, MN Fabrication shop. Most items are Made-To-Order unless marked as In-Stock, which means they have minimal lead times. We take pride in the quality work we produce, and we know you won't find anything like it on the market. To view our current lead times, please click here. please click here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Frank J

Love these kits! Builds into a very nice bumper. Nice that you can modify it and size it exactly as you want to fit your particular XJ. My cut and folds are a bit different, so I was able to tailor it perfectly. Very happy with this bumper.

Matthew F

Great kit for a good price! Some of the instructions are not included, so you’ll have to mock up where you want that latch to sit and where to make the cuts. Has been holding up well over the last year.

Scott C

My only complaint is lack of paper instructions for degree bending. Frustrating to do while having to check on my phone. Once all bent into place, everything lined up perfect. Definitely a money saver if you're willing to do the work yourself

Bryan R

Great bumper, it was fun to build it myself as a cut & fold DIY bumper. Kind of like a fabricator lite erector set.
No fault of this bumper - but just know that a 35 inch spare tire is going to take up most of your rearview Window. However due to this bumpers design I’ve had my jeep at a very extreme vertical angle and it does not interfere with the ground. Departure angle is excellent!

Matthew f

It's not finished yet because I ordered the tire carrier and still haven't received the missing parts. Talked to Freddy and sent a picture and two emails. So it's as finished as I can get it and still sitting on my shop floor. Been a couple a few weeks now.

Travis V

Bumper came with everything I needed, and of good quality. Instructions were very detailed, except the instructions for where to place the end caps and the pieces that go under the taillight. That’s why it has 4 stars from me. I’d easily suggest this kit to anyone looking for a rear bumper for a good price. Would suggest a video on assembly of the bumper from DirtBound.

Josh H

Tacked this bumper together yesterday. Directions for the bumper are great, slight grinding is necessary on the brackets and gussets for a flush fit inside the bumper, and just enough hardware get the job done so dont mess up or youre buying more. You have to open up the back of the unibody for the frame tie-in bumper brackets, and you have to remove the factory nut strips. Only thing that would make it better is the frame tie-ins being long enough to reach the forward gas tank skid bolt hole.