Battery Cable Upgrade Kit | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)

Battery Cable Upgrade Kit | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)
Battery Cable Upgrade Kit | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)
Battery Cable Upgrade Kit | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)
Battery Cable Upgrade Kit | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)

Battery Cable Upgrade Kit | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)

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🌟 Maximize Your Jeep's Electrical Reliability and Efficiency! 🌟

Upgrade your Jeep Cherokee XJ/MJ's electrical system with our premium Battery Cable Upgrade Kit. Designed with both performance and safety in mind, this kit ensures your Jeep's electrical components run efficiently and reliably.

Why Choose Our Battery Cable Upgrade Kit?

🛠️ Superior Quality:
Made with 2 AWG copper wire, our cables offer optimal electrical conductivity and are built to last.

🔩 Safety First:
A 200-amp fuse integrated into the alternator wire provides short-circuit protection, adding an extra layer of safety.

🔧 Corrosion Resistant:
Hydraulically crimped connections are made to UL standards using Tinned Copper Lugs and marine-grade heat shrink, ensuring long-lasting corrosion protection.

📦 Ease of Installation:
Each wire is clearly labeled with locations, making the installation process simple and hassle-free.

Made in the USA:
Crafted in our Chisago City, MN facility using domestic materials, you can trust the quality and reliability of an American-made product.

What’s Included

  • Positive Cables:

    • Battery + to Starter
    • Battery + to PDC
    • Alternator to PDC with MIDI Fuse + Holder
  • Negative Cables:

    • Battery - to Chassis
    • Battery - to Block
    • Head to Firewall
  • 200-Amp Fuse

Elevate Your Jeep's Electrical System

Don't compromise on your vehicle's electrical performance. Choose our Battery Cable Upgrade Kit for a reliable, high-quality, and easy-to-install solution. Order yours today and experience the difference!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Niklas O

    Great product. High quality cables. Labeled correct. Easy installation. Definitely worth the money and peace of mind.

    Gabriel H

    Fairly easy to install in my 1996 XJ, everything is labeled beautifully. Hit one little snag. The wire to the alternator doesn't fit in the plastic housing that it should. My solution was to simply snap off one of the lips of the housing and it worked just fine. You could use a needle file to shave out part of the brass connection instead. Make sure you clean up your connection areas during the install. Wires all have a little extra length to them which is nice. Very beefy. Did not come with terminals. I seriously recommend some military style terminals with an accessory post. Great product overall.

    Kyle R

    Was not to happy my kit did not come with fuses or plastic box for fuse to mount in I also emailed dirt bound and still no response on the matter

    Matthew M

    Everything fit great. I am happy with it. The battery clamps are great. Only negative was getting it shipped across the border. Took a long time to get.

    Brian D

    Not what they used to be... 2 of the lugs where the wire was crimped had the wire exposed. Furthermore, the crimps aren’t copper they are tin. On top of that, the terminals weren’t the military grade ones pictured, they were cheaper ones. Again just not the quality pictures or what it used to be. Probably would’ve made my own knowing this and having waited 8 weeks for them to get here.

    Douglas A

    Easy to install MAJOR upgrade from stock.

    Julio M

    Great Kit thanks

    justin s

    Quality wiring and components.

    Alex D

    Great product. Shipping time was within the specified time. There was a couple of modifications needed for my 2001 XJ, but overall the cables are bolt on. I used a uni-bit to slightly open up a couple of the lugs, the studs were 1/16" or less larger than the lugs. So it was not a huge modification.

    I also was expecting some heavier duty battery terminals, but the new ones supplied are fantastic compared to the dinky old cracked lugs that were on there.

    Overall the cables are heavy, with lugs that are well crimped and solid, and the shrink tube and labels really make it easy to assemble and very clean looking.

    A great update for my old reliable daily driver.

    Jason G

    The cables are nicely made, they are labeled which is nice. The only complaint is it took just under a month to receive them and I didn't get the upgraded terminals I ordered. Other then that I would recommend them to any one wanting a upgrade.