Center UniBody Frame Stiffener (Weld-On) | Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001)

Center Channel Reinforcement | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad
Center Channel Reinforcement | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad
Center Channel Reinforcement | Jeep Cherokee XJ - DirtBound Offroad

Center UniBody Frame Stiffener (Weld-On) | Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001)

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🌟 Maximize Your Cherokee’s Strength and Performance with Our Weld-On Center Channel Reinforcement! 🌟

When it comes to enhancing your Jeep Cherokee XJ, structural integrity is paramount. Our Center Channel Reinforcement is a weld-on solution meticulously designed to beef up your vehicle's uni-body structure.

Why Our Center Channel Reinforcement is a Must-Have

🛠️ Robust Material:
Fabricated from laser cut and formed 3/16" steel, this reinforcement guarantees durability and a long lifespan.

🔥 Weld-On for Maximum Strength:
Designed to be welded directly onto your vehicle’s uni-body, this product provides unmatched structural integrity. Numerous plug weld provisions are included to ensure a secure installation.

⚠️ Welding Experience Required:
Please note that this is a weld-on item that requires welding experience for proper installation.

American Craftsmanship:
Proudly made in our Chisago City, MN facility, you're investing in a quality, American-made product.

What's Included

  • One Center Channel Reinforcement Piece
  • Plug Weld Provisions

Elevate Your Jeep Cherokee XJ

Don't compromise on your vehicle's structural integrity. Add an extra layer of strength with our weld-on Center Channel Reinforcement. Order yours today and enjoy enhanced performance and peace of mind!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews

    Good stuff

    David C

    Great product! Highly recommend! The only thing I would change, is to have the frame drains cut in.

    Glenn P

    It would be better if there were holes drilled for the factory frame drainage holes, but other than than it seems to be fitting well so far.

    Patrick R

    Made my jeep feel a little better especially turning on pavement with 33s and 5.5" lift. However the 3/16 material was hard to get a decent weld against the thin unibody material. It would be a nice touch if the edges came beveled down at the perimeters and plug weld provisions. Still feel I need all types of stiffeners to be satisfactory

    Jay B

    Easy to weld in . Everything lined up perfectly.

    Austin W

    Overall a great unibody stiffeners but it could use some improvements. There was no holes for the parking brake bracket and the underside could have been shorter in some areas to be able to weld the back side. But overall got the job done at a good price.

    Matthew K

    Great solid product. If you have a long arm kit, there's a section you'll have to cut out before installing.


    We welded in on in a little over 5 hours. We have dropped off several ledges at Disney, OK and it is hanging in strong..
    Most likely will get the front and rears for it when we get back home.

    Scott B

    Honestly haven’t installed them yet.. waiting on my c02/argon tank to come back from certification

    Don C

    Excellent product. Welded nicely. As others mentioned tho. No drain holes. (My drill handled that. No problem). And no holes for the E Brake brackets but I did have welder in hand. So.....your already in fab mode so a few holes and extra welds didn't really add up to much extra time. And the squeaky interior plastic panels are no longer heard off road. So they are working the way they should.