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Sheet Cutting Service

  • Edge to edge tolerances is +/- 0.005” nominal on the top face of the plate/sheet.
  • Holes of 0.100” or smaller in diameter may be slightly larger than standard tolerances due to material pierce happening near the hole’s profile.
  • Thickness tolerances are independent of cutting tolerances, as they rely on the raw stock material tolerance range.

Things to note:

  • Some cut materials may show a minor halo discoloration from the backsplash or overspray near the cut edges.
  • Thicker materials may have a tolerance deviation on the bottom face due to tapers inherent in laser, waterjet, or plasma cutting.
  • Pre-finished or textured sheets, such as brushed or polished stock, may have only one side with the cosmetic finish.
  • The protective film may be shipped on cut products to prevent damage to cosmetic finishes.
  • The edge condition of sheet cut materials will have vertical striations versus smooth edges. This affects the transparency of edges on clear plastics.
  • Large burrs and tabs will be removed, but parts are not manually fully deburred before shipment unless explicitly requested or an advanced finish, such as chem films or coatings, is requested.
  • Tabs may be present on parts under two inches to hold the workpiece during manufacturing using waterjet or fiber laser machines.
  • A small material bump or a different edge condition may be present at the lead-in and lead-out in a cutting profile.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Forming and bending: +/- 0.020"
  • Bend to hole or feature: +/- 0.010"
  • Linear dimensions excluding locations to bends: +/- 0.005"
  • Angularity: +/- 2 degrees
  • Sharp edges will be broken and deburred by default. Critical edges that must be left sharp should be noted and specified on a print.
  • Certain sheet metal designs require custom tooling and will be flagged for a manual quote: hems, curled flanges and rolled sheets, stamped parts, and welded assemblies. If your part includes these features, please allow our manual quote team to review and provide you with an accurate cost and lead time.

Flat Parts 

Sheet metal parts that utilize stock material gauge thicknesses and require no bending or milled features. All flat sheet metal parts can meet a +/-0.005” tolerance.


Simple Bend / One Surface 

When designing parts with some type of bend with a standard bend radius, sheet metal tolerances are required to open. For simple bent parts, can offer a +/- 0.010” tolerance for dimensions across a single bend. The bend radius itself is constrained to a +/- 1.0°.


Multiple Surface Bends

For dimensions measured over multiple bends, we can offer a +/- 0.030.