DIY Stump Winch Bumper | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)

DIY Stump Winch Bumper - Jeep XJ/MJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Stump Winch Bumper - Jeep XJ/MJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Stump Winch Bumper - Jeep XJ/MJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Stump Winch Bumper - Jeep XJ/MJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Stump Winch Bumper - Jeep XJ/MJ - DirtBound Offroad
DIY Stump Winch Bumper - Jeep XJ/MJ - DirtBound Offroad

DIY Stump Winch Bumper | Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ (1984-2001)

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🛠️ Take Control of Your Jeep's Front-End with Our DIY Stump Winch Bumper Kit! 🛠️

Are you a hands-on Jeep owner looking for a high-quality, rugged winch bumper that you can customize yourself? Your search ends here! Introducing our DIY Stump Winch Bumper Kit, designed for those who love the satisfaction of crafting their own off-road gear. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, this kit empowers you to build a bumper that's uniquely yours.

Why Choose Our DIY Stump Winch Bumper Kit?

🔩 Crafted for DIY Enthusiasts:
This weld-it-yourself kit gives you the freedom to assemble and customize your own bumper, just the way you want it.

🛠️ Built to Endure:
Our 3/16" laser-cut and CNC-formed steel components are designed for maximum durability and performance.

🎯 Precision Parts:
Professionally fabricated to ensure ease of assembly and a high-quality end product.

🚗 Fully Functional:
The kit includes 10" x 4.5" winch mounting holes, a fairlead mount, and D-Ring recovery tabs, offering you full utility alongside rugged good looks.

🔧 Complete Kit:
Unibody tie-in brackets and a hardware kit are included, making your welding and assembly process as straightforward as possible.

🎨 Your Canvas Awaits:
The kit ships in bare steel, ready for you to add your own custom paint or finish.

🏆 Lifetime Warranty:
Your investment is protected with our lifetime warranty, making this a one-time purchase that lasts a lifetime.

What's Included

  • DIY Stump Winch Bumper components
  • Unibody tie-in brackets
  • Hardware kit
  • Welding and assembly instructions

Proudly Made in the USA

Get the satisfaction of building your own durable and functional winch bumper, designed for the true off-road enthusiast. Order your DIY Stump Winch Bumper Kit today and build the bumper you've always dreamed of!


Fabrication Time: 4-8 Hours



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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Frank Walters

So I ordered a bumper and some of the peace’s where wrong so I contacted them about the kit they sent me and they got right on it fixed my order and got it back out to me and I must say damn there **** cool thank you guys so much for making me a high priority….

Great bumper

Everything was great except the "instructions " don't exist. It's literally just a cad print out if the finished bumper.

Nicolas L

This bumper kit was reallllly nice! The only gripe I had was the instructions from the website made me question the assembly of the bumper. But it all Keyed together perfect. So the instructions on the web page need to be updated.

Scott D
would recomend

Easy to assembly arrived already bent to the correct angles and easy to weld.

High quality and easy assembly

I purchased this diy bumper on their Black Friday sale. Even at the regular price it’s well worth it. Item was shipped within their estimated lead times. There were a few missing parts but they rectified it over the weekend and I had all the parts needed to complete it.

This bumper is by far one of the easiest DIY bumpers I have ever assembled. Instructions were found online and it was easy enough to assemble based on the photos provided.

Everything fit together perfectly. Tacked it in place to verify fit and it needed zero tweaks. Fit my Warn 10K winch no issue and it looks great.

The only minor (very minor) design criticism I have with it is the recovery eyes and the space underneath the winch. The recovery eyes fit like a glove, but weld only to the front plate and not directly to the bumper mounting bracket or winch plate. While I’m sure it ties in without issue to the main side plate, it would be nice to be able to connect it directly to the winch plate and/or side plate. Only other thing would be the gap between the winch plate and the lower plate. It’s just an open area behind the bumper and I’d be worried about it deflecting if I was to place a hi-lift or similar jack on it. But for the price, this can t be beat and it’s no issue to gusset that on my own.

Would 10/10 recommend dirt bound diy bumpers.

Great DIY kit

Order lead times were very accurate. All the pieces fit together very nicely and welded up great. The instructions are not so much instructions but more “here is how it looks with all the pieces together” after about 5 minutes of looking at the pieces and “instructions” it is clear how it is supposed to go. After installing the mounting plates it fit to the frame perfect. Took about 5 hours start to finish with a 45min lunch break to let the metal cool before finishing the rest of the welds. Overall very happy with how it turned out. Quality stuff!

Jason S

Good fitment. Accurate bends. Simple to finish out.

Colby J

Awesome bumper! Super easy to put together and install. Didnt even test fit to the jeep, just welded it together and slapped it on there. Fits like a glove!

Lonny V

Great bumper, fit together well, nice clean cut & bends. My only complaint is the smaller style recovery points, should be atleast 1” an pass thru the face of bumper an tie into winch plate for more strength..

Ted S

This bumper fit together great. The pre bent pieces made it very easy. The YouTube video on the DirtBound channel made it simple to put together. The 12k Apex winch I bought bolts up perfect to it. Highly recommend this bumper to others as it’s the best looking winch bumper on the market for an XJ.